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Gold scale and weights are an essential part of gold prospector's equipment

Tankavaara is home for the only international museum in the World displaying past and present of gold panning and prospecting. The basic exhibition presents the history of gold prospecting in Lapland. The Golden World, the international section, presents over twenty countries all over the World.

      Welcome to join the story of
gold and man! 
Opening time: 
Mon - Fri @ 10am - 4pm
Summertime 1.6.-30.9.
Every day @ 9am - 5pm
Tankavaara guidemap
Gold panning lessons
for beginners

The path of Lappish gold
Gold Adventures
Gold Panning World Championships of 2019 will be held in Tankavaara to celebrate 150 years of Finnish gold prospecting and 70 years of the Finnish Gold Prospectors Union!