Gold finds and dreams

Among the many stories related to gold findings in Lapland one of the most interesting topic is the gold found according to one’s dream. Next couple of example stories.

One of the first findings in Lappish gold history was made according to one man’s dream in summer 1870. Whether all happened just like told later does not matter after all. The only sure thing is that prospector Frans Björklund liked booze and he did find a very good auriferous spot. The story goes as follows:

Frans Björklund was third to claim gold prospecting permission from Oulu governor in the end of April 1870. He arrived at River Ivalojoki together with J. Ervast and his crew. At some point of early summer, others left drunk Björklund at Kultala saloon. Saloonkeeper quite soon kicked the man out of the place as Frans had run out of money and was in lousy condition after drinking alcohol. He staggered downstream for a while and then fell asleep on riverbank. His sleep was restless, though. Partly it was due to amount of alcohol he had drunk but even more because of weird dream that interrupted his sleep three times. Each time an old Lapp woman had kicked him up and told him to wake and get up from gold. After waking up properly, Björklund walked back to Kultala and cashed a permission for a claim on that place by using his gilded pocket watch. Later on, it turned out that he had found one of the richest gold spots in the area of River Ivalojoki.

Björklund and his men got hints of this already during the first summer, though the work started as late as mid-July and ended at the end of August. The amount of gold brought to officers was 840 grams. Next summer, 1871, was great: the result of whole summer was 10,4 kg of gold! Summer 1872 was shiftier but the gold haul was still almost 9,9 kg. After the season was over Frans left to Oulu where he usually lived in wintertime. Unfortunately, the man did not see next summer as he died in Oulu in April 1973 due to overuse of booze. Thus, the profit and money he got from gold appeared to be his destiny in a tragic way.

Tankavaara Gold

Another as well or even better known story about gold finding according to a dream relates to Tankavaara. It has been told that a Sámi man, Aleksanteri “Aslak” Peltovuoma who lived in nearby Purnumukka village saw a very realistic dream one late summer night. The dream led him to the gold-bearing area of Tankavaara.

In that dream, very old white-bearded man came near him and passed by. Aslak started to follow the old fellow and after walking a while, the man turned around and asked Aslak: “Would you like to know where gold is?” Aslak said yes. The old man pointed out a spot near a creek telling Aslak that is the place with gold. After waking up Aslak thought that his dream had been so realistic and vivid it was worth checking. Because of his crippled leg, Aslak asked one of the young men in the village to check the place for him. The youngster, however, returned without any gold. Some of the villagers already started joking about Aslak’s seer abilities but he did not care. He just noticed he had to check it again by himself despite the bad leg. Next morning he packed his equipment and went to search the place he had seen in the dream. He was back by the same evening and others, naturally, were questioning where his gold was. Aslak did not want to hurry and told them it would be nice to have coffee and something salty first. So they did. While talking and discussing, Aslak took a small box from his pocket and put it on the table and opened it. It contained some gold he had found in the place shown in his dream. The youngster he had asked to check the place had just been on the wrong side of the creek. Tankavaara gold was found and jokers were enthusiastic to know where the exact place was.