Gold Prospector Museum in Your Service

Museum Staff 

Ms. Kaisa Nikkilä

Museum Director


tel: +358 50 464 1980

Ms. Hanna Mattila


hanna.mattila[at]    tel:+358 400 688 128

Mrs. Sari Sieppi

Office Secretary

sari.sieppi[at] tel:+358 40 505 6121

Mr. Erkki Hetta

Caretaker of Property

tel:+358 40 166 2988

Mr. Kauko Launonen

the Agent of the Foundation

kauko.launonen[at] tel:+358 400 395 024

Summer workers

  • Ida
  • Laura
  • Noora
  • Raita



The Board of Kultamuseo Foundation

Mrs. Marjo Harjula


Municipality of Sodankylä

deputy: Mr. Risto Niemi 

Mr. Jari Huotari

Vice Chairman, 

Municipality of Inari

deputy: Mrs. Anu Avaskari 

Mr. Kauko Launonen

the Agent of the Foundation

Mr. Antti Hjalmar Aarnio-Wihuri

Member of the Board,

Wihuri Corpration

deputy: Mr. Juha Hellgren 

Mr. Esko Orava

Member of the Board,

Kultamuseon Tuki Association

deputy: Mrs. Anita Kumpulainen 

Mrs. Siiri Tolonen

Member of the Board,


deputy: Mrs. Pirjo Seurujärvi

Mrs. Inkeri Syrjänen

Member of the Board

The Kultamuseo Foundation was established in August 2009 to maintain and raise awareness of Lapland's culture, history and the environment. The purpose of the foundation is to preserve and present the history of gold mining and gold prospecting, as well as to collect artefacts and materials related to gold mining to be exhibited. 

The Foundation implements its purpose by maintaining Gold Prospector Museum, a professional museum, which is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Gold Prospector Museum, Tankavaarantie 11 C, 99695 Tankavaara, FINLAND