Tankavaara is located along the national road 4 (E75), about 30 km south of Saariselkä. The distance to Ivalo is about 60 km and to Rovaniemi 230 km. From the national road 4, you can find two junctions to Tankavaara — the southern one leads directly to the Gold Museum parking. The northern junction leads in front of the restaurant Wanha Waskoolimies. But don’t worry if you take the wrong junction, the village area isn’t vast and all places are reachable on foot! 


Tankavaara is located along the national road 4 (E75), about 30 km south of Saariselkä. The distance to Ivalo is about 60 km and to Rovaniemi 230 km. 

Please note that the reindeer sometimes roam the roads in Lapland.


You can reach Tankavaara by bus. A direct bus service operates between Rovaniemi and Ivalo, see the schedules on Matkahuolto website: The bus ride from Saariselkä takes about 30 minutes. The Tankavaara bus stop is by the national road 4 and the walk to the museum from the stop takes about 5 minutes. 

Opening Hours

Museum is open:

In the summer (June – September):
Every day from 10 am to 5 pm

In the winter (October – May):
From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm,
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Children (7–16 years)6€
Children under 7 yearsfree
Students and pensioners10€
Family ticket
2 adults and 1 or 2 children (between 7–16)
Group ticket
10 or more persons in a group
10€ / person

We also accept

Museum card

Contact information

Tankavaarantie 11c,
99695 Tankavaara,


+358 16 626 171

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    People with reduced mobility 

    The museum buildings are accessible by wheelchair and other mobility aids via a ramp. Inside the museum, access is barrier-free. The doorways and the passageways are wide.


    People with reduced mobility are allowed to drive along the service road to the museum entrance. Disabled parking is located near the museum door.

    Toilet Card

    The toilets are also accessible with a Toilet Card.


    The toilet has a nappy-changing table and a potty.

    With an assistant

    A disabled visitor who needs an assistant pays only one entrance ticket to the museum for him/her and his/her assistant. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum.


    There is a self-service coat rack in the museum lobby. Valuables can be left at the ticket counter with the staff.


    Other than guide dogs are not allowed inside the museum. Dogs may be left in the outdoor museum area at your own risk during your visit. During summer, there is a water bowl for dogs in the outdoor museum area.


    Anna-Kaisa Ek

    Museum Director
    p. +358 50 3312 370

    Hanna Mattila

    Head of Collections
    tel. +358 400 688 128

    Sari Sieppi

    Office Manager
    tel. +358 40 505 6121

    Vilma Valolahti

    Head of Customer Service
    tel. +358 16 626 171

    Antti Hirvasvuopio

    Caretaker of Property
    tel. +358 16 626 171

    Emails in form (without Scandinavian alphabet)