Nuggets – Arctic Gold

The Gold Museum’s changing exhibition tells stories of Arctic Gold Nuggets of Lapland

What do a Moped, a Hedgehog, and a Solar Eclipse have in common? The answer is, they are all gold nuggets. Over the decades, these are some of the names of the gold nuggets discovered in Lapland. The bigger nuggets are usually given a nickname that sticks immediately or takes shape later. The nickname may be related either to an event associated with the find, to a loved one, to a pet, or to the use to which the money from the find was put.

In 2023, the Gold Museum celebrates its 50 years anniversary. What better way to celebrate the milestone than with a changing exhibition of the major and minor finds of Lapland’s gold history? Without the nuggets, their discoverers and the history of the finds, there would hardly be a Gold Museum. The Arctic Gold exhibition focuses not only on nuggets found at different times, but also on the major findings from different regions. At the same time, the exhibition answers some of the most common questions asked by visitors of the arctic goldfields: “Is gold still being prospected in Lapland? Is there still gold to be found today?”

The exhibition “NUGGETS – Arctic Gold” will be open until spring 2024. The exhibition is included in the price of the entrance ticket. Welcome!