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Fill in the form and tell your opinion! 

What comes to your mind about term "international gold history"? Or what would you like to see, experience, learn, touch, smell and hear in the exhibition telling about international gold history? 

We are planning the renewal of our international exhibition, Golden World, and would like to hear your opinions. If you've visited us before, it great but it's OK to answer also if you have not - yet. :) The link to the English questionnaire is below. Thank you! 

Challenge for the Lapin Kulta Contest

The Gold Museum team challenges you to participate in the fun Lapin Kulta Contest on Thursday 19.7.2018, at 13:30

In competition our business friends compete against each other and against the team from the museum. 

This is how it works: Create a 3-person team under a free team name. Clothes code is free according to your own style. Fans can be brought to cheer as many as you want - and on to Tankavaara! 

At the washplace in the arena you can advertise your own company with banners / signs. The participation fee of 170 € will be paid in full to support the Gold Museum. Registration latest 13.7.2018, 12:00 clock by phone or e-mail. The Gold Museum team welcomes you to our great competition atmosphere!

The best souvenir is gold that you pan!

The panning site in Tankavaara welcomes visitors to test one's gold panning skills. Our expert guides will assist whenever necessary. The lesson instruction is held in by the museum's outdoor pool in the summer.

Price: 22 € / panner. The price includes guidance, necessary equipment and entrance to the gold museum. Any panned gold is yours to keep!

Goldpanning Finnish Open 


Welcome to one of the oldest events in Lapland, to original tradition of gold fields, to gold panners' meeting point!

People have been competing in gold panning since 1973 and the tradition still lives strong with new competitors participating every year. 

If you are interested in volunteer work, please contact with e-mail!