The Gold Story

Our GOLD STORY tells more. THE GOLD STORY introduces the Lappish gold prospecting history in a new way. All you need to get more information is just sit back, relax and get absorbed in the story. Most of them you can find in our basic exhibition but some only here in Internet. Welcome to the colorful world of GOLD STORIES!


Whether you talk about gold prospectors today or during the time of Grand Duchy of Finland under the rule of Russian tsar, human destinies are the most fascinating topic in colorful gold history of Lapland. Stories tell about failures, tremendous luck, not forgetting about tragicomic and romantic features. One of the characters of gold history by […]


Common for all gold rushes is that prospecting and social phenomena relating to it have been controlled by legislations either before or during the rush.   Gold fever in Finnish Lapland did not provide same scale disorders or the amount of jobbers as the big gold rushes around the world, California and Ballarat as examples. However, even for northern Lapland, it was necessary to create […]


Local people have been involved in Lappish gold history since the beginning. Some of them were prospectors themselves or were helping the officers. Many others provided groceries and other supplies in addition to local shops. During the later and silent decades of Kultala Crown Station, a local person Sammeli Saijets worked as the last guardian […]


Booze drink for workmen, cognac or strong booze in grocery lists, sometimes even wine. Alcohol was more or less essential part of gold prospecting culture also in Lapland since the beginning. And the price of the drink was pretty high already during the time when Finland was Grand Duchy under the rule of Russian empire. […]


Though not so obvious in written documents and despite more stories about lucky and unlucky men, women have always been part of gold history, all times and everywhere. Gold history in Lapland is not an exception so following are just few examples of different women throughout Lappish gold history. Ralla-Kaisa and Iso-Anni (Big-Anni) are names […]


Elina Peronius is a woman who is part of gold history in the areas of Tankavaara and Laanila. Elina participated gold prospecting since 1930s and perhaps even earlier, being first in the area of Laanila and later on in Tankavaara area. She became the first woman as an owner of open pit mine claim when […]


Among the many stories related to gold findings in Lapland one of the most interesting topic is the gold found according to one’s dream. Next couple of example stories. One of the first findings in Lappish gold history was made according to one man’s dream in summer 1870. Whether all happened just like told later […]


When talking about destinies and legeds related to gold history you can say they are as many as there have been people in the gold fields of Lapland. However, some legends have lived wider and more public than others. Few examples next: In August 1945, Three Sámi brothers, Uula, Niilo and Veikko Ranttila left with […]